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Residential Solar Installation

Residential Solar Installation

Installing solar panels is a smart investment that saves homeowners thousands on household electricity costs and increases your home value, and it is good for the planet by helping to reduce your carbon footprint and improve local air quality. 

With Quix Solar’s background in construction, our skilled team can help you determine whether or not your home qualifies for our services. We will also look at your electric bill to decide which solar panel system is best for you. 

Once we have determined that you are a possible candidate, we will perform a site visit to assess shading issues, roof structure, and ground space.

We can assist you with estimating any additional cost that may affect your investment. The structure of your roof is also important. The more usable roof space you have, the easier it is for us to perform installations. 

With that being said, your roof doesn’t have to be 100% clear for us to get the job done. We can work around features such as skylights, vent pipes, and chimneys. 

If your roof is not suitable for solar panel installation, ground-mounted panels are still a great option, provided your home has enough unshaded ground space.

A high angle shot of a private house situated in a valley with solar panels on the roof